As one of the first states in the United States, many of the nation’s laws were reviewed and developed in Massachusetts. This is why Massachusetts is often referred to as the Pilgrim State because it was one of the first regions in New England settled by colonists in the 1600s and 1700s. The history gives the state a history that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The state is home to famous statues like the George Washington monument and vibrant cities like Boston, and the Boston Tea Party is still one of the most famous events in Massachusetts’ history. That said, Massachusetts is also a great place to find legal representation. There are dozens of law firms that can represent people, families, and businesses.

Still, finding help for complex, class-action lawsuits is challenging. You want to make sure you work with a firm you trust that gets results. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the ten best class-action attorneys in Massachusetts. Each attorney offers their services on a contingency basis, so consultations are free. Read on to learn more about the best class-action attorneys in Massachusetts.

1) Thornton Law Firm

1 Lincoln Street, 13th Flr State Street Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111

Practice Areas: Class Action, Birth Defects, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Litigation, Fraud

Firm Size: Large

Thornton Law Firm is one of the oldest law firms in Massachusetts. The firm has been around for over four decades, and in that time, it has built a name for itself. Thornton Law is known for being personal with clients, asking the right questions, and winning big cases. For example, a recent settlement led to a verdict of $50 million for their client against a bank in New York. Not only does the firm frequently take on many significant cases like this, but it also maintains a winning record.

Thornton Law Firm is also well-known for its work with medical malpractice and personal injury cases. While the firm does handle class-action lawsuits, individual cases are its bread and butter. Still, their firm is unique because of its size and divisions. For example, they have a whole team dedicated to working on asbestos-related cases. That said, Thornton Law Firm is an excellent choice for your legal needs, regardless of the case type.

2) Altman & Altman

1 State St Suite 2, Boston, MA 02109

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury

Firm Size: Medium

Altman & Altman is a medium-sized firm that’s been helping the people of Boston for decades. While the firm started small, a positive case record has helped it grow and expand its reach. This has given the firm the ability to work with more legal professionals that can tackle bigger cases. For this reason, Altman & Altman is now known for their work on class-action lawsuits pertaining to bank fraud, whistleblower claims, and even pharmaceutical fraud. In fact, just within the last few years, the firm has helped clients win millions in compensation.

Altman & Altman is also unique because of how the attorneys approach each client. While it’s they are a large team with many ongoing cases, Altman & Altman still puts clients first. Every detail of the case is explained, and the consultation is free. Overall, Altman & Altman offers a client-focused approach to legal counsel that’s hard to find elsewhere. In fact, the paralegals at Altman & Altman are known for being great at handling questions quickly and pleasantly.

3) Naumes Law Group

2 Granite Ave #425, Milton, MA 02186

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Fraud, Whistleblower Claims

Firm Size: Small

Naumes Law Group is a small firm operated by the Naumes family. That said, Bob Naumes is one of the best attorneys in Milton and one of the few attorneys that will follow his client through the entire process. This means that Naumes works on the discovery process, answers the questions for clients, prepares for trials, and steps into the courtroom. Instead of working with many different people, at Naumes Law Group, you get to work with the same person through the whole process. For some, this is an advantage over working with a big firm.

Naumes Law Group is also successful for other reasons. Bob Naumes has over three decades of experience, and during this time, he has helped clients earn millions of dollars in compensation. Additionally, the firm has been rated in the top 100 by websites like Trial Lawyers, and he maintains his reputation well in the community. This is accomplished through community-driven events and donations.

4) Law Offices of Howard Friedman

1309 Beacon St Suite 300, Brookline, MA 02446

Practice Areas: Class Action, Prison Law, Employment Law, Civil Rights, Police Abuse

Firm Size: Small

The Law Offices of Howard Friedman was founded years ago as a means to help people who were having trouble with their rights, the prison system, and the police. The firm is well-known for being a part of cases that deal with civil rights, abuse, and oppression in the workplace. For these types of cases, the Law Offices of Howard Friedman is the best choice.

One example dealt with unconstitutional strip searches occurring in Hampshire County Jail, resulting in the town settling with the claimants for over $200,000. Similarly, the firm brought a case against Plymouth County for the unlawful strip search of women and reached a settlement of over $1.3 million. When it comes to cases of misconduct in jails and prison reform, this firm is the best choice.

5) Fair Work P.C.

192 South St # 450, Boston, MA 02111

Practice Areas: Class Action, Employment Law, Discrimination, Wage Theft

Firm Size: Small

Fair Work P.C. is a small firm that’s dedicated to helping people with employment law. The firm covers many areas of this field and knows the industry well. The firm is known for working on cases about employment, like wage theft, fraud, discrimination, and more. The team is also one of the few options in Boston that dedicates all of its resources to this area of law. So, for employment law class-action lawsuits, Fair Work P.C. is the best choice.

Fair Work P.C. is also one of the best firms in Massachusetts for individuals and businesses for other reasons as well. Fair Work will assist in claims involving employees and help on the other end of the spectrum, with business owners too. That said, it’s good to see a firm that helps both sides and doesn’t discriminate.

6) Morgan & Morgan

1 State St suite 750, Boston, MA 02109

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Accidents, Fraud

Firm Size: Large

Morgan & Morgan is one of the biggest law firms in Boston. With a roster of over 30 attorneys, Morgan & Morgan has the resources and power to take on any case. They have also been very successful in the courtroom. Over the firm’s history, the legal team has won its clients over $10 billion in settlements and judgments. Compared to other firms in Boston and even in the entirety of Massachusetts, this number is exceptional and shows a history of success.

Morgan & Morgan is also very versatile. Because of its large team, the firm can handle cases in many fields. There are dozens of attorneys each with specializations in different areas of law; some work with personal injury, accidents, and even fraud. Furthermore, every attorney at the firm is capable of handling class-action lawsuits. So, you never have to worry about being underrepresented.

7) Todd & Weld

1 Federal St, Boston, MA 02110

Practice Areas: Class Action, Construction Management, Indian & Tribal Law, Health Law, Criminal Defense

Firm Size: Large

Todd & Weld is one of the most diverse law firms in Massachusetts. With an extensive pool of attorneys and history of success, Todd & Weld is one of the best choices for class-action lawsuits. The firm is great because it covers almost every area of the law. Unlike smaller firms that choose to specialize in one area, Todd & Weld is filled with specialists from many different fields.

That said, Todd & Weld knows how to win. The firm has helped its clients earn billions in compensation and continues to add to this number each year. They are also one of the few that handle more complex cases. For example, they do not shy away from cases pertaining to tribal law, discrimination, retaliation, and more. Overall, Todd & Weld is one of the best firms if you have a unique class-action lawsuit.

8) Steffans Legal

1 W Boylston St Suite 308, Worcester, MA 01605

Practice Areas: Class Action, Employment Law, Accidents

Firm Size: Sole Practitioner

Steffans Legal is an employment-law-based firm that’s been around for over a decade. The firm is owned and operated by Benjamin Knox Steffans, its sole practitioner. While it’s a one-man show at Steffans Legal, Steffans knows how to build a quality team around him. The firm has managers to help with different cases and answer client questions.

Steffans Legal is a unique firm because of its family-owned style. There is nothing like working one-on-one with an attorney and their team. It makes you feel important and like their only client, which can remove some of the anxiety from the process. Steffans also has a good reputation. He’s been featured on websites like Super Lawyers and has a history of helping clients with million-dollar settlements.

9) Vita Law Offices

100 State St #900, Boston, MA 02109

Practice Areas: Class Action, Fraud, Discrimination, Employment Law

Firm Size: Small

Vita Law Offices is a small firm that works on big cases. The firm works on issues pertaining to employment law but also focuses on larger class actions. Over the years, the firm has handled various personal cases, family cases, and class-action lawsuits. Regardless of the size or scope of the case, the team does their best to help with the process from start to finish. This begins with client questions and often ends with a settlement for the client.

However, Vita Law Offices offers more than class action and employment law support. The firm can handle cases in most fields of law and continues to add cases to its list. Vita Law Offices is also focused on helping individuals face off against corporations. This means that the firm actively pursues cases against companies that act against the best interest of their employees. That said, Vita Law Offices is a great firm for employment law cases.

10) Quat Law Offices

929 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

Practice Areas: Class Action, Debt Collection, Bankruptcy, False Advertising, Business Fraud, Credit Reporting

Firm Size: Sole Practitioner

Quat Law Offices is a unique firm because it’s owned and operated by one man, Kenneth D. Quat. Quat has been an attorney for decades and knows how to win cases. Over the years, he’s earned his clients millions of dollars in compensation, and he continues to take on the big guys. For example, Quat does not shy away from class-action lawsuits or big personal injury cases. Regardless of the case, he’ll go to bat for you to the best of his ability.

That said, working with Quat Law Offices also has another benefit. This is because you get to work with Quat one-on-one. There are no other opinions getting in the way and no other people to slow the case down. Additionally, Quat is great at working with clients one-on-one and knows how to keep clients in the loop, making the process more straightforward. Plus, it’s hard to find the sole practitioner-style of counsel anywhere else, with bigger firms having dozens of team members around at all times.

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