Indiana is one of the most populous states in the Midwest. After gaining statehood in 1816, the state has grown into a powerhouse. With heavily populated cities like Indianapolis, the state has developed into a major economic hub for the region.

While Indiana is starting to flourish, the need for legal counsel increases with it. As city centers and businesses grow, everyday people, families, and small businesses need help fighting battles against the government and large corporations. The good news is that finding legal help in Indiana has never been easier.

That said, class-action lawsuits are on the rise across the country and in Indiana. If you or a loved one needs legal counsel for a complex case, these Indiana law firms offer their class-action services on a contingency basis. Therefore, you won’t have to pay unless a settlement is reached. Read on to learn about the ten best class-action attorneys in Indiana.

1) Cohen & Malad

One Indiana Square, #1400, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful, Wrongful

Firm Size: Large

Cohen & Malad is one of Indiana’s oldest law firms. The firm has been around for over 50 years and has helped thousands of people win cases against big corporations and insurance companies. Cohen & Malad also benefits from a well-rounded roster of attorneys. It’s one of the largest firms in Indianapolis, and the team can help with many cases because of each attorney’s individual experience.

Cohen & Malad is also one of the best firms in the state for class-action lawsuits. The firm has won clients millions in compensation and continues to fight for those in need. That said, Cohen & Malad is best at handling class-action cases about defective products, workers’ compensation, privacy violations, and improper bank fees.

Cohen & Malad also has one of the best support staff in the business. The firm’s team of assistants and paralegals makes it easy for attorneys to spend more time in the courtroom and with clients. Additionally, the firm is flexible and easy to get in touch with. Clients can call at any time.

2) Williams & Piatt

301 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Medical Devices, Financial Damage, Prescription Drugs

Firm Size: Small

Williams & Piatt is a small firm in Indianapolis that focuses on class-action lawsuits. While the firm is smaller, it’s one of the few firms that dedicates the majority of its resources towards class-action cases. This is important because it builds experience and consistency among the legal team. Speaking of the legal team, Williams & Piatt has three great attorneys with decades of combined experience. The firm is also interested in growing and continues to look for talent that’s suitable for class-action cases.

Williams & Piatt also knows how complex class-action cases are. Class actions take time and a lot of work in the courtroom, which is why it’s nice to see a firm that dedicates most of its resources towards this type of law. That said, all three lawyers have experience fighting in state and federal courts. Furthermore, the team has helped with class-action cases in many states.

Still, what makes Williams & Piatt unique are the verdicts the firm reaches. Some examples include cases that have netted their clients millions in compensation. These have been in the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, and even employment law. Therefore, Williams & Piatt is well-versed in helping its clients win class actions.

3) John H. Haskin

255 North Alabama Street, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Negligence, Business Litigation, Insurance Disputes

Firm Size: Small

John H. Haskin is a small firm with a noble goal. The team lives by the mantra of giving power to the powerless, and they’re true to their word. This is evident in the way the team handles each case. For example, nobody is turned away, consultations are free, and the firm handles most types of class-action cases.

John H. Haskin also has a good record inside the courtroom. The team has helped clients win millions in cases across the country. The verdicts of some higher-profile cases have also helped John H. Haskins garner national attention. That said, most cases the firm works on end up with a verdict or settlement in favor of their clients.

John H. Haskin also works hard to make their clients feel comfortable. Their process is slower, but the team works diligently to ensure each client understands the case before proceeding. While this method is time-consuming, it builds trust and respect between the client and the legal team.

4) Pavlack Law

50 E 91st St #317, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Business Disputes

Firm Size: Small

Pavlack Law is a small Indianapolis firm that helps dozens of clients with class-action cases each year. The firm has a diverse legal staff and a team of competent attorneys who know how to win regardless of the type of case. For example, Pavlack Law has had success in personal injury cases, wrongful death cases, and more. So, while the firm does focus on class actions, it’s great at helping with individual cases too.

Pavlack Law is also one of the few firms that show clients exactly what they’re in for when it comes to class-action cases. On their website, the firm lays out the steps, process, timeline, and more. This is helpful information because it allows clients to manage their expectations before walking through the door.

That said, Pavlack Law is also unique for other reasons. First and foremost, the legal team works with the community to support local charities. The firm also takes on select pro-bono cases as constraints allow. Overall, Pavlack Law is a small firm that gets things done inside and outside of the courtroom.

5) Tabor Law Firm

3610 River Crossing Pkwy #250, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Negligence, Business Litigation

Firm Size: Small

Tabor Law Firm is a growing Indianapolis firm. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of clients fight back against insurance companies and big corporations. The firm also has an excellent reputation and continues to expand. While it started with less than five attorneys, the firm now has eight well-rounded attorneys from various backgrounds and experience levels.

That said, Tabor Law is a great choice for class-action lawsuits because they have dealt with them before. While Tabor Law primarily deals with personal injury and accident cases, the team has been a part of many large class actions. For example, Tabor Law has helped clients win more than $100 million over the last few years. Some notable examples involve a $4.2 million settlement for brain injury and $4 million in a wrongful death suit.

6) Saeed & Little

18 W Vermont St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Sexual Harassment, Employment Law, Collections, Insurance Claims, Personal Injury

Firm Size: Medium

Saeed & Little is a well-rounded law firm in Indianapolis that’s experienced rapid growth since its founding. The firm began in 2011 when a partnership with Saeed & Little came to fruition. Both attorneys have extensive law backgrounds but come from different parts of the country. That said, both Saeed & Little are great at what they do and have decades of combined experience inside the courtroom.

Still, what makes this firm unique is its dedication to helping. While the firm assists clients with their law cases, they also like to make an impact on the community. This is why the team is often involved with local public events and charities. Overall, the firm cares about the people of Indianapolis, which is a nice change of pace from firms that simply care about winning the biggest settlement.

That said, Saeed & Little are no strangers to winning. Both attorneys excel in personal injury and accident cases. While personal injury is the firm’s bread and butter, they also have experience with class-action cases. Furthermore, they have participated in several class-action lawsuits that reached verdicts of over a million dollars.

7) Williams Law Firm

646 Walnut St, Terre Haute, IN 47807

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Employment Law

Firm Size: Small

Williams Law Firm is a two-person operation in Terre Haute that has had a lot of success with individuals and families across Indiana. While the firm lacks the size and roster of larger firms from more metropolitan Indianapolis, its family-owned and operated feel helps the team connect with each client on a personal level.

Williams Law Firm also has two of the best class-action attorneys in the business. While they’re great at helping people with personal injury and employment law cases, the team is adept when it comes to class-action cases too. Moreover, they love to target class actions to help their clients win the maximum settlement possible.

Still, what makes this firm unique are the awards and accolades they have won. The firm’s attorneys are recognized by Indiana Trial Lawyers, Best Lawyers in Indiana, and the American Association for Justice. These are not easy achievements to get, and they lend the firm even more credibility.

8) Shartzer Law Firm

156 E Market St., Suite 1000, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Negligence

Firm Size: Small

Shartzer Law Firm is a small firm run by Jason A. Shartzer, a well-known attorney who has practiced in Indiana since 2003. His long tenure in Indiana helps him connect with the community and the people he works with.

That said, for almost two decades, Shartzer and his team have worked tirelessly to help clients win many types of cases. For example, he’s won his clients millions in motor vehicle and semi-truck accident settlements.

Shartzer has been participating in class-action lawsuits for a long time. He and his partner, Shannon Mize, have battled on behalf of their clients across the country for years. For example, the team has helped people with medical malpractice cases, employment law cases, and many more. So if you’re looking for a small team for legal counsel, Shartzer Law Firm is a great choice.

9) Eskew Law

1 N. Meridian St. #600, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Marijuana, Malpractice, Negligence, Wrongful Death, Accidents

Firms Size: Small

Eskew Law is one of the best firms in Indianapolis for personal injury cases. The team specializes in helping people earn the highest possible amounts for their settlements; some notable settlements include millions of dollars for automobile accidents, wrongful deaths, and insurance litigation. While the team is smaller than some larger firms in the region, they have made a name for themselves and continue to win sizeable cases.

While Eskew Law often focuses on smaller cases for individuals and families, they also know how to tackle complex cases and are fully equipped to help clients with class-action lawsuits. As a result, the firm has sparticipated in many class-action cases across the country and continues to win big verdicts that have reached over $10 million.

Still, what makes Eskew Law unique is its dedication to helping individuals and families. The firm moves at a gradual pace and makes sure the case is fully understood before moving forward. While it can take time for the firm to get things moving, the slower pace removes room for error and leads to more profitable settlements for its clients.

10) Hensley Legal Group

117 E Washington St, Ste 200, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Negligence, Wrongful Death

Firm Size: Medium

Hensley Legal Group is a well-rounded firm because of its reach and size. While it’s not the biggest firm in Indianapolis, it does a good job of staying competitive. This is because Hensley Legal Group is one of the few firms in the city that offers its services on a state-wide level. This means you’ll find their offices in most major population centers, making them accessible for more people.

Hensley Legal Group is also diverse, with each of its attorneys boasting a background in many different areas. So it’s easy to find an attorney that has experience in the field you need. This is also useful for class-action lawsuits because the legal team can pool their knowledge together. For this reason, Hensley Legal Group can handle most cases.

Hensley Legal Group also has a history of winning. The firm has helped clients secure millions of dollars in compensation and understands how to navigate complex cases. This is because many attorneys at the firm are experienced trial lawyers and have won many cases. Hensley Legal Group is supported by a great staff that helps the attorneys focus on their clients instead of the paperwork.

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