North Carolina is a prosperous state with a lot of history, vacation spots, and densely populated cities. While many people think of North Carolina as a “country” state, it is the 28th most populous state in the country, and cities like Charlotte have a population of close to one million. That said, the state is also known for Nascar, maritime events, and more.

North Carolina is also a great state to get help for class-action lawsuits. These are cases where multiple plaintiffs are seeking legal counsel against the government or big corporations. Because these cases are inherently complex, you need to choose the best legal team for the job. You want a law firm that can help you with the process from start to finish.

The good news is that we’re here to help. We’re going to take you through 10 of the best class-action attorneys in North Carolina. Each firm we refer to offers its services on a contingency basis, so there is no risk of getting started. If you or a loved one is seeking counsel in North Carolina, read on.

1) Maginnis Howard

7706 Six Forks Rd Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27615

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Consumer Law, Employee Rights, Business Litigation, Estate Administration

Firm Size: Small

Maginnis Howard is one of Raleigh’s best law firms. Founded in 2009 by Ed Maginnis, the firm grew into something special. The firm has a roster of attorneys from different backgrounds, so each person brings their own skillset to the table. The firm has attorneys for civil cases, injury cases, class-action cases, and more. In fact, the firm is known for bringing more than one attorney into a case to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Still, what makes them unique is how they handle interactions with clients. You’ll notice that many firms in North Carolina and across the United States prefer to have clients interact with paralegals. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, it detaches the client from the attorney. Unfortunately, this leads to a lack of understanding of proceedings in the case, which can feel discouraging to clients. For this reason, every client that reaches out to Maginnis Howard gets a personal contact form for their attorney. Therefore, the client gets to remain in touch with the attorney for the length of the case.

2) Hemmings & Stevens

5540 McNeely Dr #202, Raleigh, NC 27612

Practice Areas: Class Action, Consumer Law, Insurance Claims, Consumer Fraud

Firm Size: Small

Hemmings & Stevens has been around for almost 20 years. Founded in 2005 by Aaron Hemmings and Kelly Stevens, the firm has started to make a name for itself in North Carolina. This is because of Hemmings and Stevens’ approach to case management and client acquisition. While both attorneys came from big law firms, they saw how that could ruin the client experience. They also watched as big teams made clients feel out of the loop or less important than bigger clients. For these reasons, Hemmings and Stevens founded the firm to put an end to that approach.

The good news is that Hemmings and Stevens’ approach has been working well. While the firm is smaller than most in Raleigh, the personal approach leaves clients with better satisfaction because it helps to know what’s going on during a case. Additionally, Hemmings & Stevens is a firm that knows how to win. The firm has helped clients earn over $10 million in compensation and continues to tackle complex, class-action lawsuits. In fact, the firm is well-known for working on cases like the 3M Defective Earplug Litigation.

3) Triangle Law Group

3130 Fairhill Dr STE 104, Raleigh, NC 27612

Practice Areas: Class Action, Consumer Law, Construction Law, Collections, Landlord, Tenant, Litigation

Firm Size: Small

Triangle Law Group is a small firm that knows how to win. While many law firms keep their specialties limited, Triangle Law Group handles some of the most challenging cases in the state. This is because they are not afraid of tackling complicated cases like class-action lawsuits, landlord disputes, and even construction accidents. For this reason, Triangle Law Group is a great choice for more complicated personal injury or accident cases.

Over the years, the firm has maintained a positive reputation. While it’s smaller than some firms, clients feel like they can connect with each attorney, and the staff is friendly. This makes the process more relaxing, which helps clients trust the process and stick with the plan. That said, it helps that Triangle Law Group has a record of winning clients well over $10 million in some class-action lawsuits, personal injury cases, and more.

4) Rhine Law Firm

1612 Military Cutoff Rd Suite 300, Wilmington, NC 28403

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Accidents, Construction Law

Firm Size: Small

Rhine Law Firm is a well-rounded law firm that’s earned its clients hundreds of millions in compensation from lawsuits. While the firm spends a lot of its resources on personal cases, Rhine Law Firm has also had success with many class-action lawsuits. For example, the firm participated in the Pella Windows lawsuit, resulting in over $25 million in compensation. The firm has also earned over $20 million settlements for Chinese drywall cases and more. Therefore, Rhine Law Firm is more than qualified to tackle class-action lawsuits regardless of size or scope.

That said, Rhine Law Firm is also award-winning. While the team is small, each attorney has made an impact in the legal field. This can be attributed to each attorney’s background and strengths. Some examples include being ranked in the highest tier for construction law from Best Lawyers and being featured on Super Lawyers. The firm is also part of community-driven organizations and frequently helps residents of North Carolina.

5) Martin & Jones

4140 Parklake Ave Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27612

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice

Firm Size: Small

Martin & Jones has been around for years and has helped its clients with many cases. While the firm primarily handles personal injury and accident cases, they are also well-known for working on class-action lawsuits. Some of these lawsuits that the firm has worked on include cases relating to asbestos, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. These have been massive cases that have helped clients earn hundreds of millions in compensation. This has helped the firm make a name for itself in North Carolina, and its reach even extends beyond North Carolina’s borders.

Martin & Jones also understands client relationships and trust. When working with clients, the firm takes the process slow and makes sure clients understand the extent of each case. This makes the discovery process smooth and keeps the case moving at a good pace without too many delays. Martin & Jones also has a winning record, many awards with Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers, and several awards for North Carolina-specific success. Overall, Martin & Jones is a well-rounded firm that knows how to win big, medium, and massive cases.

6) Shipman & Wright

575 Military Cutoff Rd Suite 106, Wilmington, NC 28405

Practice Areas: Class Action, Construction Law, Collections, Wrongful Death

Firm Size: Small

Shipman Wright is one of the oldest law firms in North Carolina, which gives them a great reputation. Furthermore, they have a history of winning cases and building rewarding relationships with clients and the community. Since 1980, the firm has been helping clients win against big corporations, the government, and more. Additionally, many legal professionals recognize its team as one of the best in the country for personal injury and accident cases. This makes them a great choice for class-action lawsuits involving injuries or malpractice.

That said, Shipman & Wright is also unique because of its team. For example, Gary Shipman was named Lawyer of the Year earlier in 2021, and it’s not the first time he’s won that award. In fact, most attorneys at the firm have landed on Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers lists. Overall, the firm is solid in reputation, case success, and history.

7) Lewis & Keller

285 Executive Park Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Practice Areas: Class Action, Dog Bite, Personal Injury, Accidents

Firm Size: Small

Lewis & Keller has been around for decades and has established itself as a go-to firm in North Carolina for personal injury and dog bite lawsuits. While these cases are the foundation for the firm’s success, that success has helped them branch out into other areas of law. For example, the firm now handles class-action lawsuits, litigation cases, and other types of complex lawsuits.

Lewis & Keller also has a history of winning cases. Over the years, they have helped their clients earn over $10 million in compensation. Furthermore, most cases that the firm works on have settlements amounting to over $1 million. That said, the firm also has attorneys who are featured on Super Lawyers. Overall, Lewis & Keller is a good choice for cases of any size.

8) GessnerLaw

G. G. Galloway House, 602 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Practice Areas: Class Action, Labor and Employment Law

Firm Size: Small

GessnerLaw is a unique firm that specializes in employment law cases. This has helped the firm make a name for itself in cases that involve wage disputes, disability, and other workplace issues. That said, GessnerLaw is one of the best options when it comes to employment law-based class-action lawsuits because that’s what the firm works on the most. For example, some of the cases the firm has participated in have earned its clients millions in compensation.

GessnerLaw is also unique because of how it handles client relationships. While clients prefer to speak with attorneys throughout the case, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with law jargon and legal terms. After all, that’s why you need an attorney in the first place. This is why GessnerLaw employs a communications director to walk clients through the whole process. While clients still get to speak with attorneys, their first interaction is typically with a communications director that knows how to communicate complicated law terms in simple ways.

9) The Sasser Law Firm

1011 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Social Security Disability

Firm Size: Small

Sasser Law Firm is dedicated to helping people with catastrophic injury cases. Unlike traditional personal injury claims, these cases have tragic outcomes and require a more complex approach to achieve the maximum amount of compensation. For this reason, the firm focuses on how it can help clients with these cases on a small or national scale through class-action lawsuits. While these matters are complex, the team at Sasser Law Firm has had success in the industry and continues to win millions for its clients.

Sasser Law Firm is also a well-rounded firm that’s not afraid to step outside of its comfort zone. This has helped the firm grow its roster, take on new cases, and go after bigger settlements. Additionally, this approach has also helped the firm win awards, badges, and support from the community. Sasser Law Firm is also well-known in South Carolina, Georgia, and other border states.

10) Kellum Law Firm

3733 National Dr Ste. 202, Raleigh, NC 27612

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Elder Abuse, Worker’s Comp

Firm Size: Medium

Kellum Law Firm is a medium-sized firm that’s been operating in Raleigh for many years. The team began small but continues to grow and evolve with each new attorney it adds. Speaking of their roster, the firm has 12 attorneys who have experience inside and outside the courtroom. Each attorney brings their unique experience to each case, which makes it one of the best choices for people with cases that fall into multiple categories of law.

Kellum Law Firm also knows how to win cases. Over the years, the firm has helped its clients earn millions of dollars in compensation and continues to do so. While they know how to win in the courtroom, the team also wins awards and helps the community. Many attorneys with the firm are listed on Super Lawyers, and the organization holds several community-driven events each year. Overall, Kellum Law Firm is a great firm if you want to work with a large team without feeling like they don’t care.

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