Alabama is a Southern state that’s known for its storied history. During the civil rights movement, the state was a battleground for racial tension and protests. Famous leaders like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks have museums dedicated to them, and visitors can check out locations where significant marches were held.

While Alabama has changed a lot since the civil rights era, people always need good legal counsel. In Alabama, there are dozens of attorneys and law firms ready to help those who need it. So if you or someone you love needs a class-action lawyer, we’re here to help.

We’ve created a list of the ten best class-action lawyers in Alabama to help you find the best counsel. While every firm varies in size and manpower, each one can help you with a class-action lawsuit. Read on to learn about the best class action attorneys in Alabama.

1. Cory Watson Attorneys

2131 Magnolia Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Litigation, Business Litigation

Firm Size: Medium

Cory Watson Attorneys has been around for decades. The firm’s founder believed in helping the community and ensuring individuals and families had appropriate legal counsel. Cory Watson Attorneys also believes actions speak louder than words, so the firm hosts many events to raise money for charities, make donations for good causes, and help the less fortunate. One example is when the firm helped raise funds for United Way of Central Alabama.

While Cory Watson Attorneys is a noble firm, as one of the oldest law firms in Alabama, they have a proven track record of winning. Over the years, the firm has won clients over 3 billion dollars across several cases. Some of these cases include compensation from the RoundUp Weed Killer case and the Nissan faulty brake case.

Cory Watson Attorneys also has the benefit of working with many lawyers. Instead of a small team, clients benefit from working with dozens of Super Lawyers Top 100 Lawyers. For this reason, there is a good chance that one of the attorneys at the firm has worked on a case that’s similar to yours. Moreover, the firm has decades’ worth of combined experience in class-action lawsuits and provides free consultation on these cases.

2. Beasley Allen Law Firm

218 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Practice Areas: Class Action, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Pharmaceutical Litigation, Business Litigation, Insurance Litigation, Toxic Torts, Mass Torts

Firm Size: Large

Beasley Allen Law Firm is one of Alabama’s largest law firms. With a roster of over 50 attorneys, they have the resources to work on a wide array of cases across many areas of law. The firm’s specialties range from small personal injury cases to large class-action cases that involve famous companies.

Beasley Allen Law Firm is one of Alabama’s largest firms for a reason– the firm has won settlements in hundreds of class-action cases. A few examples include wrongful death cases of inmates against correctional officers, settlements for two trucking companies, and the Xarelto multidistrict litigation case. These are only a few examples, and the firm has earned more than $28 billion in compensation for its clients.

While Beasley Allen Law Firm has been successful in the courtroom, the firm has also helped people outside of the courtroom. The firm participates in many charities and has won awards for its dedication to Alabama communities. Since its founding, the team has donated over $5 million to good causes across the state.

3. Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC

2224 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Litigation, Wrongful Death

Firm Size: Medium

Herringer Garrison Davis is a medium-sized firm that covers many fields of law. With a diverse team, members of the firm can help with small, large, and unique cases. This has aided in the firm’s success, which is why attorneys with Herringer Garrison Davis have won numerous cases in multiple disciplines of law.

Herringer Garrison Davis is a firm with a winning record. The firm has won millions of dollars in compensation for its clients, and it continues to go to bat for individuals and families against large companies. For example, the firm is gearing up to participate in the 3M military earplug case. The case has impacted many military members, and Herringer Garrison Davis is one of the best class-action firms involved.

Herringer Garrison Davis has also taken steps to help people conveniently. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the firm developed online and mobile programs that allow clients to connect with the team from the comfort of their homes. This makes it easy for people to schedule a free consultation, even if they’re unable to leave their homes.

4. Belt & Bruner

880 Montclair Rd Ste 300, Birmingham, AL 35213

Practice Areas: Class Action, Fraud, Litigation

Firm Size: Small

Belt & Bruner is a well-rounded firm with a handful of great attorneys. While the team is small, it hasn’t shied away from tackling big cases. While the firm has participated in many cases, some of the most notable victories include settlements from a $25 million bad faith case and a $13.5 million distracted driving case.

While Belt & Bruner has handled many cases, its smaller size makes it more personable. Every client that works with the team is treated well, and the team makes sure their clients fully understand the entirety of each case before going to court. This personal approach gives their attorneys a unique charm both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Belt & Bruner is also one of the leading firms in Alabama when it comes to multi-million dollar settlements. In total, the firm has won over $74 million in settlements, which is a number that will likely continue to grow. While Belt & Bruner isn’t as large as some other firms in Alabama, a free consultation is always a good choice.

5. Badham & Buck, LLC

2001 Park Place North #500, Birmingham, AL 35203

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Negligence, Insurance Litigation

Firm Size: Small

Badham & Buck is a firm that works hard to win for its clients. To the lawyers at Badham & Buck, the firm believes that the courtroom is a high-stakes arena with millions of dollars on the line. This philosophy is a bit aggressive, but it does get results. The firm has won millions for its clients and continues to do so every year. For this reason, it’s become one of the most successful firms in Alabama.

Badham & Buck also has a great reputation. Every lawyer at the firm has been rated as a Super Lawyer for Alabama’s Super Lawyer magazine. Furthermore, the firm is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell, which is a directory of top-notch lawyers across the country. Attorneys Walker Bedham and Brannon Buck have frequently ranked within the top 10.

Badham & Buck has also participated in some well-known cases. The firm has settled class-action lawsuits for defective handguns and has helped many business owners keep their business. However, what makes this firm unique is that Badham & Buck also helps people who own businesses and large companies.

6. Lloyd & Hogan

2871 Acton Rd #201, Birmingham, AL 35243

Practice Areas: Class Action, Family Law, Building Management, Social Security Disability, Business litigation

Firm Size: Small

Lloyd & Hogan consists of a team of lawyers with over 100 years of combined experience. While the firm is small, every attorney knows their field well and can navigate the courtroom. The small size of the firm also gives it a family-owned and operated appeal that makes it easy for clients to open up.

Lloyd & Hogan also has an impressive reputation. Over the years, the team has won clients millions in compensation. The settlements of each case vary, but the firm has had notable victories in class-action cases. In fact, Lloyd & Hogan is one of the few firms that tackle issues related to burial mismanagement.

Lloyd & Hogan is set apart by the decades of experience the firm has. Their lawyers know the right types of questions to ask and how to ask them. The firm has also built connections with opposing counsels, experts in many fields, and even insurance adjusters. This makes it easy for the team to break down each case and get the right expert for the job.

7. Cunningham Bounds, LLC

1601 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36604

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Wrongful Death

Firm Size: Medium

Cunningham Bounds is a medium-sized firm that can handle a multitude of cases. While every attorney has a unique specialty, the firm is well-rounded and able to take part in small, large, and class-action cases. Still, Cunningham Bounds stays close to its roots. While the firm has found success, every consultation remains free, and each client is treated with respect and integrity.

Another aspect of Cunningham Bounds that’s unique is its network. While many firms will form a few partnerships, Cunningham Bounds has formed 12 fruitful partnerships with firms and organizations around Mobile. Plus, Cunningham Bounds has partners that extend beyond Alabama, which gives the firm a national reach for larger cases.

Cunningham Bounds has also been a part of some massive settlements; some cases have even won records. For example, the team was involved in a massive settlement of $12.1 billion for families who lost a loved one or experienced property damage due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. While this is only one example, Cunningham Bounds has won several cases of this size and magnitude.

8. Hollis, Wright & Clay P.C.

2201 Morris Ave, Birmingham, AL 35203

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents

Firm Size: Small

Hollis, Wright & Clay is a small firm that’s been around for decades. The firm has many years of combined experience and has a diverse roster of attorneys. Every attorney has their own insight to add to each case, so multiple approaches can be applied to each case; sometimes, these unique insights can be the difference-maker.

Hollis, Wright & Clay also have a proven track record. The firm has won clients millions of dollars in settlement funds and continues to do so each year. Some notable cases include settlements from drug companies of over $22 million and $85 million from fraud verdicts. Keep in mind, this is only a small sample size.

Hollis, Wright & Clay is also one of the easiest firms to work with. All the lawyers are friendly and personable. They also have online resources and list their phone number for clients to reach them quickly. Hollis, Wright & Clay has also won numerous awards, and most of their attorneys maintain high ratings from notable organizations like Super Lawyers.

9. Jinks Crow & Dickson

219 N Prairie St, Union Springs, AL 36089

Practice Areas: Class Action

Firm Size: Small

Jinks Crow & Dickson is one of the few firms in Alabama that specializes in class-action lawsuits. While every firm on the list is willing to participate in class-action cases, Jinks Crow & Dickson makes it their mission to win these cases. Because of their dedication to class-action cases, they have one of the best records of success in Alabama.

To provide context, the firm has won its clients over a billion dollars collectively in settlements from class-action lawsuits. In addition, some of their individual cases have had large payouts as well. They received over $100 million against GM for producing faulty automobile parts and $750 million in a case involving contaminated rice.

Jinks Crow & Dickson is also equipped to handle real estate issues. The firm has partners that specialize in dealing with legal issues surrounding real estate. The team has lawyers to help move closing paperwork along and make the sale of property run smoothly.

10. DeGaris, Wright McCall, LLC (DWM)

2 20th St N #1030, Birmingham, AL 35203

Practice Areas: Class Action, Mass Tort, Personal Injury, Accidents

Firm Size: Small

DeGaris, Wright McCall (DWM) is a small firm that knows how to handle big cases. The lawyers at DWM have decades of combined experience in their fields and never back down from class-action cases. The firm has a proven track record and has achieved multiple settlements above one million dollars.

DWM has taken part in some of the most famous class-action lawsuits to date. Some examples include the Zantac case, the Medtronic insulin pumps lawsuit, and the JUUL class action. These are all high-profile cases, some of which are still ongoing. This makes DWM one of the best choices for class-action lawsuits in Alabama.

While DWM sets itself apart from its proven record in the courtroom, the firm does more than win cases. Many of their lawyers participate in local events, raise money for charities, and support their local communities. Furthermore, the firm provides free consultations.

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