Alpine skiing, mountain biking, and heart-pounding hiking with breathtaking vistas aren’t all that Colorado has to offer. The state’s central location, bustling cities, sprawling ranches, and “purple” politics—Boulder is arguably one of the “bluest” cities in the country, while Colorado Springs leans on the conservative side of the spectrum—offer something for everyone.

As such, it’s no surprise that all kinds of professionals flock there, including, of course, seasoned litigators. If you call the Centennial State home and you want to join a class action lawsuit, there’s no shortage of prestigious practices that can guide you.

Don’t think you can afford counsel from one of the best class action attorneys in Colorado? Don’t worry; most reputable firms work on a contingency fee basis. In such an arrangement, you only have to pay legal fees if you end up recovering a payout, and the rate is limited to a reasonable percentage of said payout.

When you’re ready to start building your case risk-free, reach out to one of the practices below.

1. Watton Law Group

1660 Lincoln St Suite 2505, Denver, CO 80264

Practice Areas: Class Action, Bankruptcy

Firm Size: Small

The tireless team at Watton Law Group is proud to advocate for consumers who have been wronged. They’re currently involved in a number of class action cases, some of which were filed locally, while others are being pursued at the national level.

Led by attorney Michael J. Watton, who is licensed to practice in eight different states, the lawyers at this firm provide well-rounded counsel, which has yielded impressive wins. Representing clients in both state and federal courts, their team is equipped to evaluate your class action case and then help you determine how best to proceed.

Whether you want to take action over a data breach, a wage dispute, or a defective product, you can count on the full force of the firm backing your every move. They’ll use all the resources at their disposal to help you—and everyone else who was affected—achieve justice.

2. Bachus & Schanker LLC

101 W Colfax Ave #650, Denver, CO 80202

Practice Areas: Class Action, Zantac Actions, Belviq Actions, Personal Injury, Insurance Law

Firm Size: Medium

Instead of offering a broad range of legal services, the team at Bachus & Schanker LLC focuses solely on personal injury law. Building tort claims day in and day out has allowed their team to amass a wealth of experience in this particular area, so they can provide the most comprehensive counsel possible.

Unlike general practice firms that dip their toes in a dozen or more areas, Bachus & Schanker is always up-to-date on relevant laws, regulations, procedural changes, and precedents that might affect their clients—and it’s clearly working. Having recovered a number of six- and seven-figure payouts, they know what it takes to win big.

Regarding class action suits, they specialize in those involving product liability. If you’re entitled to join such a suit, their team will help you navigate every stage of the proceedings. But first, they’ll consider the facts of the case from all angles. If it appears you could be more successful by opting out of the class action and filing an independent claim, they’ll guide you through those steps, so you can pursue the maximum compensation possible.

3. Burg Simpson

40 Inverness Dr E, Englewood, CO 80112

Practice Areas: Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Terrorism Law

Firm Size: Large

Some firms want to avoid the hassle of going to trial at all costs. That often means accepting unfair settlements on behalf of their clients. Burg Simpson is not one of those firms. With a commitment to seeing every case through to the end, this practice prepares each claim as if it were going to trial from day one.

If you’re wondering whether joining a class action will be worth it, you’re not alone. People often assume any resulting payout, once divided among all eligible claimants, essentially equate to peanuts. This is a common misconception that Burg Simpson challenges every day. They don’t believe in filing such suits for quick settlements that don’t actually benefit the affected parties.

At Burg Simpson, they use their collective experience and vast network of specialists to resolve complex class action cases as favorably as possible. They’re also willing to join forces with other attorneys who are representing clients in the same case. They recognize that pooling knowledge, resources, and experience is far superior than going it alone, and they don’t let their professional pride keep them from acting in their clients’ best interests.

4. Jordan, Herington & Rowley

5445 DTC Pkwy #1000, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Practice Areas: Class Action, Hernia Mesh Actions, Roundup Actions, MRI Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents Actions, Personal Injury

Firm Size: Small

At Jordan, Herington & Rowley, they prioritize quality over quantity. Unlike “high volume” firms that bank on securing as many payouts as possible—no matter how small—this practice actually limits their caseload so they can give each and every claim the attention it deserves.

A client-centric firm that’s recovered numerous eight-figure settlements and verdicts, they’re led by an award-winning and ambitious team. Jason W. Jordan and Ross E. Herington have been named among The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40, for example, while Nicholas C. Rowley has recovered more than $1.5 billion on behalf of injured parties and their families.

If you turn to Jordan, Herington & Rowley for help with your class action claim, you can be sure you won’t be just another case file on their docket. Instead, you’ll be treated with professionalism, respect, and compassion from the moment you call their firm to the day your case is resolved.

5. Glade Voogt Lopez Smith

1800 N Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80206

Practice Areas: Class Action, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Environmental Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law

Firm Size: Small

Comprised of strategic trial attorneys, the team at Glade Voogt Lopez Smith litigates cases in Colorado, Florida, and Washington, as well as in federal court. With the resources to conduct thorough investigations that leave no stone unturned, they have secured sizable payouts on behalf of their class action clients. They also played a role in Jackson v. Unocal, which was a Colorado Supreme Court case that ultimately defined class action certification.

Unlike the other firms on our list, Glade Voogt Lopez Smith also defends entities that are wrongly accused of violating state and federal regulations, which lends to class actions in the first place. Spending time on both sides of these suits—when a conflict of interest doesn’t exist—allows them to see even the most complex situations from all angles. This, in turn, helps them devise actionable strategies for clients who deserve justice.

6. Wick & Trautwein, LLC

323 S College Ave #3, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Business Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law

Firm Size: Small

A proud fixture of the community, Wick & Trautwein, LLC was established in Fort Collins in 1972. Serving clients in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, they aim to establish lifelong relationships with those they help. Because they’re committed to providing personalized and attentive counsel, every client is made to feel like the most important client, regardless of the scope of their legal needs.

The team at Wick & Trautwein, LLC is well-versed in a variety of practice areas, which allows them to represent victims in all kinds of class action suits. From defective products to negligent governments, they’ve seen—and challenged—it all.

Comprised of nine attorneys, many of whom have been in the field for more than 30 years, this firm will provide the compassionate counsel and unparalleled service you’d expect from a small, local business.

7. Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C.

14426 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury

Firm Size: Medium

Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C. has taken on “Goliath” a handful of times—and won. In 2000, for example, they secured a $50 million settlement from Walmart on behalf of hourly workers in Colorado. This suit was pivotal because it started a ripple effect that ultimately changed the way hundreds of thousands of workers around the country were treated by the retail giant. The firm also took on Hewlett Packaged Enterprise (HP) in 2012 and eventually recovered $25 million for those claimants who participated in the action.

To date, Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C. has recovered more than $2.3 billion on behalf of their clients. In regard to class actions, they’re currently working on two dozen different cases, including a data breach claim against Google, a product recall claim against Hill’s Dog Food, and a misleading fuel economy claim against Ford. In other words, the firm is as committed as ever to taking on Goliath so they can continue protecting consumers.

8. Sanders Law Firm

31 N Tejon St #400, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Practice Areas: Class Action, General Motors ignition switch actions, Business Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense

Firm Size: Small

Over the years, Sanders Law Firm has represented thousands of clients in class actions and mass torts. Because their dynamic team practices in a variety of areas, they’re able to provide comprehensive counsel without bringing in outside experts, thereby saving their clients both time and money.

With a commitment to resolving cases as quickly and favorably as possible, Sanders Law Firm is not afraid to get aggressive with opposing parties. They use the full weight of the practice to reach speedy resolutions, while mitigating disputes and preventing delays every step of the way.

The team at this firm also believes in transparency, and they’ll make sure to update you on the progress of your case at every stage. If you turn to them for counsel, you can count on getting exceptional service, which is founded on effective communication from day one.

9. Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP

4410 Arapahoe Ave Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80303

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury

Firm Size: Small

Recognized nationwide for their knowledge, experience, and impressive track record, the team at Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP is dedicated to helping injured victims and their families put their lives back together. In regard to class actions and mass torts, they have taken on all kinds of cases, including those involving defective products, dangerous drugs, and contaminated groundwater.

Led by award-winning attorneys, this firm aims to help clients recover the compensation they deserve, and they refuse to settle for anything less. If you’re tired of not being heard, turn to Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP. Not only will they listen, but they’ll help you devise a plan of action that allows you to seek the funds needed to make your life whole again.

10. The Hannon Law Firm, LLC

1641 N Downing St, Denver, CO 80218

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Insurance Law

Firm Size: Small

Unlike many other small practices, which refuse to assist with class actions because of their inherent complexity, The Hannon Law Firm, LLC is proud to advocate for consumers who have been wronged. They have gone up against both government entities and large corporations nationwide, and they’ve yet to back down out of fear or inadequate resources.

Founded by Kevin Hannon, who has been in the field for 35 years, this practice has assisted with a number of landmark cases, including Jackson v. Unocal. This suit ultimately reaffirmed Colorado’s statute supporting class certification, thereby facilitating future class actions.

If you want justice, you won’t find a better team to help you pursue it. The Hannon Law Firm has made a name for themselves in the legal field for providing strategic counsel at every turn.

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