Louisiana is the home of a bustling culture, glorious fried foods, and the famous Mardi Gras festival. Louisiana is a prideful state that is community-driven, which is reflected in the people who live there. When it comes to industry, Louisiana’s location makes it a prime state for maritime industries like oil production, shipping, and more.

While Louisiana is a big state, you don’t have to search far and wide to find a good class-action attorney. In fact, it’s easy to find many good lawyers that handle cases from small maritime cases to large class-action lawsuits. In fact, Louisiana is home to some of the best small class-action firms in the United States, which gives the lawyers a personal touch.

If you or a loved one might be entitled to compensation in a class-action case, many firms in Louisiana can help. Each firm varies in size, manpower, and specialty, but there is an option for everyone. In fact, most class-action lawyers charge on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket fees unless you win your case. Read on to learn about the ten best class action attorneys in Louisiana.

1. Stag Liuzza

365 Canal St #2850, New Orleans, LA 70130

Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Environmental Litigation, Mining, and Mineral Royalty Disputes

Firm Size: Medium

Known nationally for its scientific expertise, Stag Liuzza carries a stellar reputation for tackling cases against large corporations on behalf of their clients. Many cases include defective medications, pollution violations, and poor working conditions in manufacturing and mining. In 2010 the firm brought in Merritt Cunningham, which has helped bolster their reputation in fighting against faulty medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Dubbed the “pioneer of radiation litigation,” Michael Stag has worked endlessly for decades to secure compensation for the victims of radiation exposure. Some of his most impressive achievements include a $300 million settlement against Murphy Oil and a $1 billion verdict against Exxon.

Ashley Liuzza has served as an Adjunct Professor of Advocacy at Loyola University and is one of the top speakers on unfair trade practices and environmental law, along with working as a lead counsel on many landmark class actions.

Stag Liuzza understands the everyday issues property owners affected by nearby manufacturing and mining face, and they’re ready to take cases from around the country. Close relationships with medical practitioners and experts help provide the firm with crucial knowledge about pollutions and poisons. The firm is ready to help its clients reclaim their situations with a welcoming and holistic approach.

2. Berniard Law Firm

1140 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Practice Areas: Class Action, Hurricane Claims, Mass Torts, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Insurance Disputes

Firm Size: Sole Practitioner

When Jeffrey P. Berniard founded the Berniard Law Firm, it didn’t take long for it to become one of the best law firms in Louisiana. Berniard excels in and out of the courtroom, making it easy for clients to win cases and get in touch with him. Additionally, the Berniard Law Firm has 24-hour accessibility so that clients can contact the firm regardless of the time of day. Berniard also makes it his mission to stay in touch with clients, keep them up to date, and follow up after cases are closed.

Berniard Law Firm is known for its success with insurance disputes, asbestos, and personal injury cases. Some examples include $140,000 in compensation for a victim of asbestos-related cancer, $1.2 million for people impacted by faulty hip implants, and personal injury rewards of over $540,000. In total, Berniard has helped his clients receive $45 million in compensation (over the last five years). The Berniard Law Firm is also involved in a handful of class-action cases, like the Cox and Charter class actions.

While Berniard Law Firm helps everyone it can, it is known for being a champion of the community. The firm has helped people receive up to $632,000 in compensation after Hurricane Katrina, and Berniard continues to aid plaintiffs that suffered losses from the BP oil spill. Overall, Berniard has made an impact on the community and will continue to do so.

3. L. Clayton Burgess

605 W Congress St, Lafayette, LA 70501

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Animal Bites

Firm Size: Medium

Class-action lawsuits can feel like a battlefield. This is why lawyers from L. Clayton Burgess work tirelessly to help clients receive the compensation they’re entitled to. The team at this firm has over 20 years of experience with class-action cases and knows how to help clients navigate the complicated legal battlefield. Attorneys begin with consultations and keep clients engaged from start to finish, even if the case goes on for many months.

While L. Clayton Burgess is equipped to manage class-action lawsuits, the firm also has a handful of other specialties. For example, the firm is adept at handling personal injuries, all forms of automotive accidents, and more. Some of the settlements awarded to clients include over $100,000 for a truck driver that entered a dispute with an insurance company, just under $300,000 for a client in Charles v State Farm, and $800,000 for a family that collided with farming equipment.

L. Clayton Burgess is also one of the simplest firms to work within Louisiana. The lawyers maintain excellent people skills and make sure every client feels comfortable throughout the process. Testimonials provide a client-side perspective that reflects the firm’s hospitable approach to cases. While the world of law can be harsh and unyielding, the attorneys at L. Clayton Burgess do their best to keep it away from their clients.

4. Smith Shanklin Sosa

16851 Jefferson Hwy STE 7C, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Practice Areas: Class Action, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Mass Torts, Accidents, Wrongful Death

Firm Size: Small

Smith Shanklin Sosa is a small firm that knows how to make waves in the courtroom. It was founded by three attorneys who formed a partnership. These partners include John H. Smith, Loren Shanklin Fleshman, and Alicia M. Sosa. These three partners bring their combined law knowledge to the table to help clients with complex cases in many fields. While the firm specializes in personal injury, the team is adept in class-action cases and larger cases that go beyond the scope of Louisiana.

What makes this firm efficient is its partners. John H. Smith has been practicing law since 1994. Over the years, he’s built an impressive resume across personal injury and class-action cases. Loren Shanklin Fleshman is something of a prodigy. Only one day after becoming a practicing attorney, she won a multi-million dollar case for wrongful death and went on to win the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award in 2018. Lastly, Alicia M. Sosa brings diversity to the table and excels at building relationships with clients.

Smith Shanklin Sosa is also one of the more unique firms in Louisiana. Because Alice M. Sosa is a fluent Spanish speaker, she can easily connect with Spanish-speaking clients that might otherwise feel uncomfortable or not supported. Overall, the firm is equipped to manage complex cases from a diverse clientele.

5. Law Offices of Gregory P. Dileo

300 Lafayette St Suite 101, New Orleans, LA 70130

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Insurance Disputes

Firm Size: Sole Practitioner

The Law Offices of Gregory P. Dileo is a small firm that’s been operating in Louisiana for years. The firm attributes its success to Dielo’s tireless efforts. He spends a lot of time getting to know each client and provides individual counsel for each case, even if it’s part of a larger class action or mass tort case.

Gregory Dielo is proficient in many areas of law, and the firm has won clients millions in cases for personal injuries, insurance disputes, and even pizza companies like Dominos. While the firm isn’t as large as firms like [ANCHOR #Stag-Liuzza]Stag Liuzza[END ANCHOR], Dielo adds a personal touch to each case that’s hard to beat.

Still, what makes this firm unique is the team’s ability to work remotely and do so successfully. During the covid-19 pandemic, the team put a lot of resources into online consultations. While this was helpful during the pandemic, it’s a practice that will likely stick around and develop. Clients can sign documents through resources like Skype and Google Meets, speak with attorneys without leaving their homes, and more.

6. Duck Law Firm

5040 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy #200, Lafayette, LA 70508

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Zantac Cancer, Talcum Powder, Lemon Law

Firm Size: Small

Duck Law Firm was founded by Kevin R. Duck, who is in the top 1% of lawyers in the country. Over the years, he’s helped clients receive compensation in personal injury and automotive class-action lawsuits. While Duck Law Firm is small, Kevin R. Duck’s skill is great enough to compete and outclass larger firms in Louisiana.

Duck Law Firm has also helped clients in major cases. A handful of examples include the Zantac cancer lawsuit, talcum powder lawsuit, and the Ford emissions lawsuit. These cases have already netted clients millions of dollars in compensation, but the firm is open to taking on new clients for any of them. Duck Law Firm can also manage other class-action lawsuits.

Duck Law Firm is also unique because of its dedication to the community through its charitable arm, Duck Strong. Duck Strong supports a handful of organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank, Saint Jude’s Children Hospital, and the Alzheimer Association.

7. Smiley Injury Law

805 Arabella St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Practice Areas: Class Action, Toxic Tort, Wrongful Death, Accidents, Personal Injury, Maritime, Slip and Fall

Firm Size: Small

Smiley Injury Law was founded by Seth Smiley—a renowned lawyer in Louisiana who makes his presence known—in New Orleans. The firm has handled many cases for residents of the city, and plaintiffs in his cases have won over a million dollars in personal injury and accident cases.

While Smiley Injury Law began as a sole practitioner practice, it’s grown over the years. Now, a handful of high-quality lawyers work at the firm, and each attorney has experience helping Louisiana and New Orleans residents.

Smiley Injury Law can also take on high-profile class-action lawsuits. While the team is small, this personal approach to class-action law makes the firm efficient. Every client’s case is handled with care, and the team won’t move on with trials until they have all of the evidence in order. While the process takes more time than some other firms, working with Smiley Injury Law is worth it.

8. Neblett, Beard & Arsenault

2220 Bonaventure Ct, Alexandria, LA 71301

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Accidents, Dangerous Drugs, Maritime

Firm Size: Medium

Neblett, Beard & Arsenault is a well-rounded law firm that handles cases of all sizes. The team is larger than most small firms in Alexandria, which gives it a leg up in cases that require more time and resources. Furthermore, Neblett, Beard & Arsenault maintains the highest rating possible with Martindale-Hubbell—the nation’s leading law directory since 1868. This gives Neblett, Beard & Arsenault one of the best reputations in Louisiana.

Neblett Beard & Arsenault also has decades worth of legal experience between its attorneys. While each lawyer is great at practicing law, the firm also holds leadership roles across Louisiana for its work with high-profile litigation cases. Furthermore, Neblett, Beard & Arsenault has helped plaintiffs receive over 10 billion dollars in compensation, and that number is continuing to grow.

Still, what makes Neblett, Beard & Arsenault unique is its participation in education and the community. Several of the lawyers with the firm have given lectures at universities and are known for speaking directly with students. The firm has also published several articles for major news networks like the New York Times, MSNBC, and others.

9. Simien & Simien LLC

7908 Wrenwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Practice Areas: Class Action, Serious Injury, Wrongful Death, 18-Wheeler Accidents, Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Immigration

Firm Size: Small

Simien & Simien is a law firm that focuses on personal injury law, insurance disputes, and wrongful death cases. These cases are typically for individuals and families, but the firm doesn’t shy away from larger class-action lawsuits. In fact, the firm has won plaintiffs millions of dollars in compensation from several class-action lawsuits.

Simien & Simien also has great reach. While the firm operates in Louisiana, services are also offered in other states like Texas. This has helped the firm help more clients and win more cases. Still, the firm is on the smaller side, with only a handful of lawyers that work on the team. Luckily, being a small firm comes with its perks. Every client gets the attention they need, and each case is treated with the same level of dedication.

Simien & Simien has also earned its reputation of being a high-powered firm. The team has taken on oil companies, tobacco companies, big pharmaceutical corporations, and pipeline issues with great success. Plus, the firm has also handled a few class-action lawsuits involving mesothelioma from asbestos exposure.

10. Thornhill Law Firm

1308 9th St, Slidell, LA 70458

Practice Areas: Class Action, Personal Injury, Business Law, Insurance Litigation

Firm Size: Sole Practitioner

Thornhill Law Firm is a unique firm that specializes in insurance and business law. This makes them adaptable, which is why it can take on cases for families, individuals, and even businesses. Since its founding, the firm has helped clients receive tens of millions of dollars in compensation for insurance cases alone. When it comes to insurance law, Thornhill Law Firm is one of the best options in the state.

The firm has also taken on large companies and was part of the team assigned by the federal court that took on BP after its oil spill. As a result, the team was awarded a $60 billion verdict, which allowed many families and businesses in Louisiana to receive compensation for their damages.

Thornhill Law Firm is also respected in the community because of its efforts after hurricanes. The firm is adept at helping clients receive compensation from insurance companies that refuse to pay damages from high winds and superstorms. With offices in Louisiana, the firm has experienced these tragedies first-hand, so the team knows how to navigate both the insurance companies and the client’s needs.

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